Matthew Kaltenborn is a Filmmaker and Photographer based in London & Suffolk. 
Matthew graduated from Rose Bruford with a first class honours degree on the prestigious European Theatre Arts programme. It was during his student years that he realised he had a particular affinity for photography and discovered a passion for filmmaking. 
His client base is vast and varied; from The Barbican Centre, Somerset House, Warner Bros, Moet Hennessy, Invest Saudi, ITV Studios, Thorpe Park  to football players, brides-to-be, Musicians and artists - the underlying theme in all of Matthew's work is to find exciting and vibrant ways to capture the people, places and things that define his projects; resulting in stunning portraits and videography as unique and diverse as the subject matter. 
Matthew's work has featured in The Guardian, Time Out and on Channel 5. ​​​​​​​
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